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Excellency Legalisation Services Pvt. Ltd proudly stands as India’s foremost authority in Apostille and Legalisation services. With a steadfast presence in the thriving hubs of Mumbai and New Delhi, our establishment in 1998 marked the genesis of a journey dedicated to delivering impeccable certification and legalisation solutions to the export industry.

Our commitment extends beyond mere service provision; we offer a comprehensive suite of export documentation services, catering to both commercial enterprises and legal entities. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of functions, including the meticulous handling of Arab certification, GSP compliance, and the issuance of Certificates of Origin for manufacturers and freight forwarding entities.

Our scope is far-reaching, encompassing the handling of Health, Radiation, and Free Sale Certificates for pharmaceutical corporations, as well as the precise preparation of corporate legal documentation for esteemed blue-chip organizations and their representatives. Additionally, we excel in facilitating visa and passport procurement for business travelers, ensuring a seamless global mobility experience.

Collaborative partnerships with prominent stakeholders, such as Chambers of Commerce, Consulates, Embassies, and various government departments, form the bedrock of our operational efficiency. These alliances enable us to expedite the acquisition of essential certifications and legalisation processes for our clients, particularly in urgent scenarios.

Furthermore, we’ve strategically established our proprietary courier service, ELSPL Courier Services, onsite at our Mumbai and New Delhi offices. This strategic move empowers us to dispatch critical documentation and passports swiftly and efficiently, domestically and internationally, minimizing any potential delays.

In summary, Excellency Legalisation Services Pvt. Ltd epitomizes excellence in the domain of Apostille and Legalisation services in India, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


As of India’s leading Legalisation Services providers we save Time and Money of our Exporters and deliver timely.

We understand the importance of maintaining a high profile and projecting a good image. we can guarantee to provide a first class service.

Our brand promise is achieved through our exceptional People Quality.

We adhere to high standards of governance and transparency so that we are the partner of choice.


To be recognised as India’s leading Legalisation Services provider.

To be India’s foremost Legalisation Services provider, known for unwavering excellence, innovative solutions, and customer-centricity, simplifying document legalization with trusted expertise.


India’s largest legalisation (consular) agent, serving Mumbai and New Delhi. Since 1998, we excel in certifications, export documentation, Health/Radiation/Free Sale Certificates, and visa/passport procurement. Swift dispatches with Excellency Courier services.

Seamlessly achieve global compliance with us.